Some books are supposed to teach lessons; others are just about having a good time. Sandoval's latest takes the
latter route, with a lighthearted story about three girls searching for—what else?—a boyfriend.The real charm of this book is in the language. Sandoval has a real talent for giving her characters snappy dialogue that makes an otherwise basic statement hilarious.

Lila, Meryl and Caressa have a problem—their fathers. The girls' dads are so intimidating that they're sure they'll keep them from ever getting a date. Lila's dad is the chief of police in their Colorado town; Meryl's dad is, among other things, her school's dean of discipline; and Caressa's dad is a famous musician. The girls do everything they can think of—including staging a Celtic ritual—to try to attract guys. But sometimes you can't choose who you end up with—fate decides for you.

(Oct., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Taylor Morris