Image of Whose Number Is Up, Anyway?


Image of Whose Number Is Up, Anyway?
In Whose Number Is Up, Anyway? (4.5), by Stevi Mittman, Teddi Bayer, interior designer and amateur sleuth, is at the market when a body is found in a freezer. She's sure it's murder, but the police insist it's natural causes, even when a doctor treating the man is found dead. Her sometimes lover, detective Drew Scoones, is on the case, and Teddi is determined to prove she's right. Mixed in are her family, including an ex-husband, who once tried to gaslight her into a mental institution and a sullen teenage daughter who wants her mother back with her ex. The deaths and danger continue as Teddi decorates a bowling alley and investigates herself into danger. As always, Mittman has a wonderful book with great humor and heart that can't be put down.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor