A pleasant way to spend a lovely Spring afternoon. When the plot thickens unexpectedly, be prepared to stay entranced!

Iris Irene Montgomery is a debutante who aspires to become a photographer. Her mother, Beatrice, has other ideas and taking pictures isn't part of Iris's future. Iris is caught between a doting father and domineering mother's marriage of tolerance.

But as Iris's visits her father's steel mill on her first commissioned job - even if it is her father who commissioned it, Irish immigrant Kian McKitterage catches her eye. Despite their backgrounds, and Beatrice's wish that Iris marry for money, Iris and Kian fall head over heels in love.

But when Iris looks for something greater than tolerance, and finds it with Kian, will she be able to convince her parents that she deserves her chance to live a life full of love?

(May, 250 pp., $5.50 dl)

Reviewed by: 
Deborah Ledgerwood