In book eight of this utterly remarkable series, the primary characters have come back together for a story that's touching and heartbreaking. As with the other novels in this series, putting this one down -- even for a meal -- will prove challenging. Banks outdoes herself with her prose and her imagination. Her storytelling is amazing and captivating. Waiting for the next book in the Vampire Huntress series might be tough to endure, but it will be well worth it!

Four days is all Neteru newlyweds Carlos and Damali Rivera can afford to take for their much-deserved honeymoon. But their last night together is a terrible experience: Carlos, inexplicably out of control, drops his fangs and issues a battle bite to Damali. For some tense moments, it seems touch and go for Damali.

Although the couple knows that their family has an impending battle with a dangerous foe, Damali is almost too weak to be effective. Can she recover in time to prevent the upcoming battle that could be the start of Armageddon?

(ST. MARTIN'S GRIFFIN, Feb., 432 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor