Image of Wicked (The Pack of St James)


Image of Wicked (The Pack of St James)

Mack continues her Pack of St.
James series with Semyon's story. Werewolves, a damsel in distress,
dastardly villains and passion combine
in this highly tense, sexually charged story. The seamier side of 19th-century London is the backdrop for the action
in which a strong-willed heroine and an alpha male hero end up saving each other. This fast-paced read is sure
to please.

Angelica has escaped from her stepbrother, surviving on her own in London until he catches up with her and schemes to take her down. Semyon is smitten when he sees Angelica as the "coat check" girl at a ball, but then she disappears. Semyon's wolf senses tell him that something isn't quite right. Descended from Russian wolves, the Taruskin brothers are defenders of the English crown who keep their supernatural powers under wraps. However, Semyon's wolf heritage is exposed when he is captured by the evil and amoral St. Sin and forced to perform in front of an audience at a clandestine sex club. (BRAVA, Sep., 304 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan