Image of Wicked After Midnight (A Blud Novel)


Image of Wicked After Midnight (A Blud Novel)

Boredom can have really dangerous consequences, as Demi Ward is about to discover. Rising star Dawson ventures back to the land of Sang in the third installment of her inventive steampunk vampire series. The dark underbelly of life in the Paris cabarets is vividly explored as this stubborn heroine must deal with the fallout from her decisions. Gritty, thrilling and sexy — Dawson is really on a roll!

Demi Ward mysteriously landed in Sang six years ago after a drinking binge at college. Although she was bludded (i.e., turned into a vampire), Demi was also rescued by Criminy Stain and has since worked as a contortionist in his traveling circus. But Demi is restless and bored out of her mind, so she convinces her best friend Cherie to accompany her to Paris where they can join a cabaret. Tragedy strikes when they are attacked en route and Cherie is taken by slavers. Pulled to safety by rakish brigand Vale Hildebrand, Demi is determined to find her friend. Vale agrees to help Demi, though he fears she is getting in way over her head. (POCKET, Feb., 464 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith