Image of Wicked All Day


Image of Wicked All Day

Carlyle never disappoints, always creating sparkling plots peopled with endearing characters, then spicing them up with plenty of sizzle and the ideal portion of poignancy. You can count on Carlyle to serve up the very best.

From childhood Zoe Armstrong knew she was different. The illegitimate child of a nobleman and his mistress, she was raised by her father but never truly accepted by the ton.

When Zoë dissolves into tears at a ball, her longtime friend Lord Robert Rowland comforts her, and it appears to others that the kiss is more than simple consolation. Now they must wed to save Zoe's reputation. However, Robert is not in love with her, nor she with him. The one man who understands them both, Robert's brother, the stern Marquess of Mercer, sweeps them off to his estate until the gossip dies down. Mercer has long denied his attraction to Zoe. Now, with the prospect of her entering a sham marriage, Mercer and Zoe surrender to their mutual desire. Only after a near tragedy do they all realize the power of true love. (Pocket, Oct., 420 pp., $7.99)
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Kathe Robin