It is time for Lord Alexander Christian to marry and fulfill his role as the Duke of Sutherland. Alex chooses a woman who will make an ideal wife. Love does not even enter into his thoughts on marriage.

With the arrangements settled, Alex retires to his country estate where his orderly world is turned upside-down by a chance meeting with the enchanting Lauren Hill, who is singing to a pet hog.

Though she still carries the title of the Countess Bergen of Bavaria, Lauren has given over her deceased husbands estates to a relative and returned home to England and her family of orphans.

Laurens beauty captivates Alex and hes already falling in love when he discovers that she is a titled widow. Torn between his obligation to carry through with his arranged marriage and the passion he feels for Lauren, Alex is in trouble. But this is nothing compared to Laurens problems, as the Counts nephew arrives and fate takes a hand.

Rich in characters, unique in plot, heartwarming and heartfelt, WICKED ANGEL cements Julia Londons reputation as a rising star. A slow start makes way for a tender and humorous spin off from The Devils Love. SENSUAL (June, 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin