Image of Wicked Appetite (Lizzy and Diesel)


Image of Wicked Appetite (Lizzy and Diesel)

Evanovich takes her sexy and mysterious recurring character Diesel and spins him off into a hilarious and offbeat new UF series. The seven deadly sins are at the core of this scavenger hunt that employs the author’s patented humor and penchant for wacky scenarios. Gluttony may be a deadly sin, but this book will leave readers hungry for more!

Lizzie Tucker has a genuine gift for baking cupcakes, a craft she employs in Salem’s Dazzle Bakery. But Lizzie doesn’t realize that she has another, more unusual gift: she can locate ancient artifacts known as “stones,” which contain the seven deadly sins. Lizzie’s predictable life goes off the rails when Diesel pops into the bakery and insists he needs her help to recover the stone of gluttony for his magical organization. Diesel is not the only one on the hunt. His handsome and evil cousin Wulf fully intends to gather all seven stones to unleash their terrible power. Suddenly there are spells going awry, evil henchmen, cats who may be ninjas and an irritating monkey. This is a lot more than Lizzie signed up for! (ST. MARTIN’S, Sep., 320 pp., $27.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith