Image of Wicked Beat (The Sinners on Tour)


Image of Wicked Beat (The Sinners on Tour)

The Sinners are irresistible, and Cunning delivers again with this constantly surprising, sizzling fourth installment. By turns funny, kinky and touching, this one’s a series highlight, featuring a couple who complete each other. The hero’s quirky habits and less-than-suave outbursts make him irresistible, while the irrepressible heroine is a survivor whose courage and creativity make for some unforgettable nights. A must-read for fans and newcomers alike.

Rebekah Blake wants to be taken seriously as a professional, but no band seems to want to hire a woman. When her brother is injured, she sees her chance to take his place as front-of-house soundboard operator for the Sinners — as well as her chance to have guitarist Trey Mills all to herself. But when Rebekah meets drummer Eric Sticks for the first time, her long-simmering desires begin to change. Impulsive, awkward and earnest, Eric has always kept to the shadows, unsure of himself around the other Sinners. For a chance with Rebekah, however, he’s ready to do whatever it takes to win her attention — and her heart. (SOURCEBOOKS, Aug., 416 pp., $13.99)

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Bridget Keown