Image of Wicked Burn


Image of Wicked Burn

Kery gives readers beautifully written prose with amazingly descriptive sex scenes. But be warned -- this is a very sensual tale. The well-crafted characters are full of raw emotions that are, right on the page for the reader to experience.

Niall Chandler has had a lot of heartbreak in her life. Her husband is in an institution, and her child is dead. She's shut out the world in order to cope, but a sensual encounter with playwright Vic Savian makes her feel ready to experience the physical pleasures he has to offer.

Divorced, Vic is no stranger to heartbreak, and he's determined to keep his relationship with Niall strictly sexual. But her haunted nighttime cries tear him up inside. He wants to protect her, but Niall won't let him in. When her secret past comes between them, they have to decide if they're willing to tear down their walls and admit that their sexual relationship has turned into love. (Berkley Sensation, Dec., 352 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton