Image of Wicked City: A Zephyr Hollis Novel


Image of Wicked City: A Zephyr Hollis Novel

The second Zephyr Hollis book is a worthy successor to Moonshine, developing Zephyr’s personal relationships while exploring the ramifications of her past actions. The tension — sexual and otherwise — between Zephyr and Amir also continues, though their unresolved issues do less to advance the story. Still, the ending packs a wallop, and it is easy to get lost in Johnson’s sharp, spirited prose. New readers should start from the beginning.

Mayor Jimmy Walker is campaigning to legalize Faust, an alcohol-blood hybrid. His plans are jeopardized when a slew of vampire killings are linked to Faust by the press. But something doesn’t add up, and Zephyr Hollis is determined to find out what’s at the root of the recent murders. She’s also trying to dispel her bond to djinni Amir, though her refusal to wish for anything threatens his existence. And then, if that weren’t all, Zephyr is framed for the vampire deaths. (THOMAS DUNNE, Apr., 320 pp., $25.99)
Reviewed by: 
Michelle Wiener