You've read Amanda Cynster's story in On A Wild Night, now it's time for her twin Amelia to win the heart of her man. Marrying Luc Ashford, Viscount Calverton, is her dream, and Amelia's tired of waiting for it to come true. Knowing he is near destitute, Amelia waits for Luc in the hours before dawn, risking scandal, to propose he marry her for her money.

Though Luc is no longer in debt, he immediately agrees, to Amelia's surprise. He shocks her further by insisting on courting her while the ton watches. It becomes hard to wait, keeping his emotions and passion for her in checkespecially when she sets out to seduce him.

Their courtship and marriage are one steamy love scene after anotherthey barely get out of bed! Their happiness is marred when items are stolen from their home. Will finding the thief also reveal why Luc really married Amelia?

Her fans know that Stephanie Laurens can really heat up the pages, and she hits her stride in this tale of double deception. It's a delight watching Luc and Amelia fail miserably at trying to hide their love. Readers will feel they are in on the secret and enjoy every moment of the sexual by-play between the lovers. ON A WICKED DAWN is simply another irresistible Cynster read! VERY SENSUAL (May, 350 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin