McPhee skillfully weaves a tale of revenge, betrayal and an awakening love in this emotional and compelling romance about an innocent young woman, a forbidding lord and an evil villain.

Pressured into a betrothal with Lord Farquharson, Miss Madeline Langley detests and fears the unwanted attentions of the man.

Lucien Tregellas, known as "the Wicked Earl" among the gossips, intervenes. He will not allow history to repeat itself and let Madeline suffer the same fate as another young woman. To save her from Farquharson's clutches Lucien offers Madeline a marriage of convenience. She accepts the offer.

The marriage turns into something more. Madeline soon discovers that beneath Lucien's cold facade is a kind, considerate and passionate man. A letter and misunderstanding threaten their newfound love. And Lucien's nemesis is not to be overlooked. Though Madeline is now Lucien's wife, Farquharson is determined to have her. After all these years another game of life and death has begun again. (Harlequin, Apr., 297 pp, $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond