Image of Wicked Edge (Castle of Dark Dreams)


Image of Wicked Edge (Castle of Dark Dreams)

Bangs has had great fun over the course of this series having her Cosmic Troublemakers fight their natural instincts on orders from the Big Boss, and now, for the first time, readers get to meet said boss. The Castle of Dark Dreams is once again the focal point for magical danger laced with offbeat humor sure to entertain. Humor, wackiness and trouble are hallmarks of a Bangs book and a really fun read!

Cosmic Troublemaker Edge is also known as Death, for that is his job for the Big Boss. Having three Cosmic Troublemakers — Ganymede, Sparkle Stardust and Edge — all at the Castle of Dark Dreams is challenging, not least because Ganymede and Edge have issues. Passion is an angel whose inability to adhere to Archangel Ted’s strictures has resulted in her being sent to Earth as a human. Passion is supposed to guide humans on the correct path, and keep an eye on the Troublemakers, which is all too easy once Passion meets Edge. Frighteningly, someone or something is messing with Edge and Ganymede, placing them on the brink of losing control and wreaking devastation. The question is — why? (BERKLEY SENSATION, Mar., 336 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith