As a young woman, Antonia Maitland spies Trey Deverill bathing—and he is a sight to behold. Now, four years later, after her father's death, she finds him still the most magnificent and virile specimen of manhood she has ever seen.

Trey is a wealthy ship owner whose love of adventure makes him an ideal member of the Guardians, a secret society that performs dangerous missions for the foreign office.

When he learns of the untimely death of Antonia's father, Samuel, Trey returns to London to investigate the possibility that his good friend was murdered. The suspect is the elegant Lord Heward, Antonia's betrothed, who is not what he appears to be.

Now an heiress, Antonia inherits the Maitland shipping firm. Trey's assignment as a Guardian is to protect her from harm. But his protection will take her far from London, and not even her wildest fantasies about Trey can prepare Antonia for their escapades.

Jordan introduces a wickedly handsome and fiercely protective hero in Trey, who fights the demons that threaten what he really wants—a life with Antonia. And Antonia is his perfect soul mate in adventure, passion, love and zest for life. VERY SENSUAL (Aug., 425 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond