The extraordinary Bangs pulls out all the stops in the sizzling and scintillating conclusion to her bestselling Wicked series. She's a master at stirring up sexy trouble and romance and lacing it with humor. Watching the supernatural "brothers" fall prey to love and the machinations of troublemaker Sparkle Stardust is entertainment at its finest.

Conall O'Rourke learned the hard way not to tick off a goddess -- after killing Sean Kavanagh, a favorite of Irish deity Morrigan, Conall is cursed to protect all of Kavanagh's despised descendants. After 800 years there's only one Kavanagh left, and Conall can almost see his freedom, until he learns that his new charge is a vampire.

Having only been a vampire for two years, Gerry Kavanagh doesn't yet know all the supernatural entities, but that won't stop her from doing her job as a Paranormal Undercover Field Force operative. Gerry has been told about a supernatural serial killer at the castle, and while she needs help, she doesn't want it from an all-too-sexy immortal who despises her very name.

(BERKLEY SENSATION, May, 320 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith