Image of Wicked Game


Image of Wicked Game

This truly clever take on vampires is fresh and original. The characters have secrets and questionable backgrounds, which makes them intriguing. The use of music as the touchstone for life is sharp and witty. Smith–Ready proves that no matter what the genre, she has what it takes.

Practiced con artist Ciara Griffin is trying to stay straight, so she takes on an internship at a small radio station. That's when she learns the station's incredible secret: The night DJs are actually vampires. Since vampires become stuck in the era they died, each is an expert in a different musical genre. But trouble is on the horizon, because a big conglomerate wants to purchase the station and change the format. Without a link to their era, the vampires, including sexy grunge rocker Shane, may fade and lose more of their humanity.

To save the station Ciara decides to use the truth, knowing no one will believe her. Unfortunately, an ancient vampire is none too pleased with this strategy, and Ciara may be in over her head! (POCKET, May, 384 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith