Image of Wicked Game (The Colony)


Image of Wicked Game (The Colony)

Jackson and Bush combine paranormal elements like the ability to see into the future with a compelling and well-crafted suspense. A host of characters combine to create a tightly woven and intricate tale of lost love, lives and friendships.

When a group of kids unwittingly unearths the bones of Jessie Brentwood, a 20-year-old mystery is reignited. Who killed Jesse? Becca Sutcliff's visions reappear after two decades, and she can't help thinking that Jessie is trying to tell her something from the grave. Now that they have solid proof that Jessie was murdered, the police have gathered the old group of friends back together to find out who killed her. One by one Becca's old classmates are killed, and her visions tell her she's next in line.

Hudson Walker, Jessie's old boyfriend and Becca's one true love, is top on the suspect list. As Becca and Hudson's love is rekindled, can this pair solve the mystery before they both lose their lives -- or will the mysterious killer finish the job started all those years ago? (ZEBRA, Feb., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton