Image of Wicked Harvest


Image of Wicked Harvest

American Title IV contestant McLeod does some interesting worldbuilding in her debut, creating a warrior who must have sex once a year with a series of beautiful young virgins, since only sex with him will free them to find their mates. When someone close to him confesses that she feels more than duty toward him, the tension and conflict between the hero and heroine are palpable -- and a lot of scorching-hot fun.

Chur is the Harvester, a warrior who takes virginity but is doomed to never take pleasure in the act. On his third harvest, the final virgin he is to deflower turns out to be his paratanist, his loyal servant.

Enovese has long desired her master, but his pride has complicated her scheme. Until Chur declares Enovese his bondmate, they must maintain a dangerous charade of master and slave. But he is determined that Enovese pay for her deception -- with all manner of delicious torture. (APHRODISIA, Aug., 304 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Michelle Wiener