Damon de Wolfe, Marquess of Morninghall, trusted no one. His brutal childhood memories are locked away; only self-hatred and his dreams of revenge keep this captain of a prison ship warm.

Lady Gwynth Evans Simms works tirelessly to better the plight of her fellow man. Her latest crusade is to improve conditions on prison ships. Fearless in her determination, she dares to enter Damon's sanctuary.

Their battle begins the moment they meet. Gwynth finds him dark, dangerous and very appealing, and soon their battle of wills becomes a cat and mouse game of passion.

Gwynth awakens Damon's conscience and he takes an interest in conditions on his ship, which has been targeted by The Black Wolf, who sneaks aboard setting prisoners free.

Determined to reclaim himself and win Gwynth's love, Damon sets a course to right wrongs.

Strong, emotional, dark and sensual, WICKED AT HEART takes the reader by storm. Ms. Harmon has outdone herself as she revives characters from previous novels, capturing readers' hearts. SENSUAL (Aug., 400 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin