Image of Wicked Highlander: A Dark Sword Novel


Image of Wicked Highlander: A Dark Sword Novel

The third volume in the Dark Sword series enhances Grant’s enthralling picture of Britain in the centuries following the Druids’ and Celts’ struggle to expel the Romans. This superbly written story will draw readers into the dramatic romance and powerful emotions of the characters. Both a page-turner and a keeper, this tale is highly memorable and leads straight into the next installment.

Centuries ago Quinn MacLeod, one of three brothers, was bound to the dark god of revenge. When Deirdre, a Druid aligned with black magic, unbound the brothers and made them her personal warriors, they escaped. For three centuries, they have survived outside her control. Quinn has spent the time drunk, never forgiving himself for his inability to protect his family. Deirdre dreams of claiming Quinn to fulfill the prophecy that he father their child. She hopes to force Quinn to acquiesce to her demands by using her captive, the Druid Marcail. But Quinn saves Marcail and doesn’t surrender! Quinn and Marcail are united by an all-encompassing passion and deep emotional bond. As his brothers work to free Quinn, a tumultuous and amazing climax ensues. (ST. MARTIN’S, Nov., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin