Image of Wicked Hot


Image of Wicked Hot

Who knew that the devil and his
minions had a sense of humor? Teglia dishes out plenty of wicked hot sex -- involving multiple partners, a variety
of positions and a little kink. Although it seems like the paranormal has almost become the norm in erotica, Teglia gives it a slight twist. But while we're told that the characters are adversaries, we aren't given enough information about their backgrounds, motives or the type of beings they are to feel there's a true conflict, or to sustain the plot. Lots of good things are going on here -- but not enough substance to make this great.

Succubus Edana has been luring men to their deaths -- and the loss of their souls -- since the time of the Norman invasion. After all of these centuries, she has honed her sex-siren skills, but that may not be enough when her next assignment finds her in a stand-off with two large, sexy Nephilim. Half human and half angel, the Nephilim brothers are perhaps the last of their kind. One a warrior and one a magician, Eli and Dal are charged with saving humanity and destroying demons. However, when an irresistible force meets two immovable objects, all three of these characters get to play out their sexual desires with no one getting hurt. (St. Martin's, Jul., 320 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan