Image of A Wicked Lord at the Wedding


Image of A Wicked Lord at the Wedding

With wit and sensuality perfectly melded, Hunter maintains her place as a fan favorite. The latest in the Boscastle saga is the emotional story of the rekindling of a marriage by regaining trust through passion. Hunter not only tells
a highly sexy story but also one with an underlying depth of emotional intensity that is brilliant.

Though Sebastien Boscastle and Eleanor have been married for six years, he was away much of the first three, then he disappeared. He returns home after recovering from an injury to see if the rumors about his wife's adventures are true.

Eleanor did not sit and pine away when her husband vanished. Instead she joined a group of women spies. Her latest mission is to locate incriminating letters -- disguised as the male Mayfair Marauder. Sebastien's return might be a shock, but Eleanor's ready to lure him back into her bed because she still loves him. Mistrust and fear have Sebastien wondering if she truly wants him, because he desires her like never before. While rebuilding their relationship, in and out of bed, Sebastien and Eleanor are caught up in unmasking a band of traitors and saving Wellington. (BALLANTINE, Oct., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin