Karri-Lynn, an evil-fighter who goes by the alias Dark Angel, moves back to her hometown to be closer to her best friend and to get some rest. But rest is not on the agenda when fiends start hunting Karri and those close to her before she's even fully moved into her new home. Demons from her past and from hell threaten to bring her to the dark side. But Karri is not alone in her fight -- joining her is a mysterious man she seems to remember from her childhood.

Having abandoned her into the hands of strangers when she was orphaned at age 6, Riston failed to claim his mate. Now, he's the anchor that will keep the darkness from possessing her, but it's difficult for Karri to accept the role he played in her childhood. Together, they must come to terms with the past -- and start a future.

Roth pens a steamy sex scene, but those looking for romance will be disappointed. Once the heroine passes the age of 6, there is no bonding between the two lovers. It's meant to be understood that because they are "mates," they are in love. Other than the sex scenes, they spend almost no time alone together. Their issues are solved through Karri's dialogue with secondary characters, while Riston is invisible, overhearing every word. And although it's easy to sympathize with Karri, the characters are underdeveloped, unbelievable and inconsistent. Also, Roth repeatedly claims Riston is an alpha male, but his actions do not at all reflect that statement. (dl $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Katherine Gomes