Doctor Neil Bronwyn, determined to prevent his nephew from marrying a woman with a scandalous reputation, takes matters into his own hands and abducts Lady Elizabeth Marleigh. He is sure that he has everything under control until they learn that his nephew has been murdered and both he and Elizabeth are suspected as the killer.

Lady Elizabeth hadn't intended to marry young Terry. He'd been the only friend she had left and with three attempts on her life and rumors circulating about her outrageous behavior, she needs all the friends she can get. Now she is stuck with Neil and having to prove her innocence as well as unmasking those who want her dead.

With Elizabeth posing as a young student under Neil's tutelage and dressed in close fitting male attire, Neil barely keeps his desire in check.

Against her wishes, Elizabeth is drawn to the courageous doctor. As murder, mayhem and desire merge and THE WICKED TRUTH is revealed, readers are treated to a skillfully written mystery laced with passion and humor that intrigues and delights. SENSUAL (March, 350 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin