Madeline Deveridge, unjustly dubbed the wicked widow since her husbands demise, has a problemhis ghost. Intent upon exorcising his spirit, she asks Armetis Hunt for his help.

Owner of Londons pleasure garden, Armetis also dabbles in the occult. In fact, he and Madelines husband were both members of the Vanza cult. He agrees to help Madeline in exchange for evidence about his association with the Vanza.

As the investigation moves forward, it is inevitable that Madeline and Armetis fall in love. But the husbandly apparition, Madelines distrust of anyone who is involved with the Vanzas, and the ghost of Armetiss past love stand in the way of their happiness. Add to this a very real menace and you have the formula for a quick, enjoyable read.

Following the recipe that made her the queen of Regency-set historical mysteries, Amanda Quick delves into the exotic, providing readers with all they expect from her witty pen. SENSUAL (Mar., 380 pp., $6.75, Hardcover published April 2000)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin