Sabrina is a successful business woman, wrapped up in the work of running her restaurants. When she realizes that her fianc is only wooing her to gain control of her companies and breaks off the engagement, he pushes Sabrina off a dock and into the sea.

Sabrina awakens on a distant shore. She doesn't realize how distant until she sees a pirate in 17th-century garb. Rafael, handsome, reckless and chasing demons of his own, finds Sabrina and names himself her protector.

Rafael's enemy is Falconer, a pirate who enslaves people and manipulates them to do his bidding. Rafael experienced his near-slavery and torture at his hands and is determined to both save as many unfortunate people from Falconer as he can and enact his revenge against him.

ON A WICKED WIND is a light read. Sabrina does not protest her circumstances enough to satisfy this reader, although others may enjoy this formulaic tale. (Mar., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer