Image of Wicked Wings


Image of Wicked Wings

Fairies are not just winged creatures
in Kelly's latest erotic offerings. In
her hands, they're lustful, playful
and totally hilarious.

Persephone's birthday wish sends the mortal woman to fairyland, where, after the king of the fairies hits on her, she discovers her new job holds more than one surprise. Her handsome fairy boss is not only sensual, he also has a big secret -- he was her cat in the mortal world. Now, he wants to be her soul mate. In "Persephone's Wings," the title character has to earn her wings and then take a sexual flight across fairyland to make his, and her, dreams come true.

In "Wingin' It," a windstorm causes Ripple, a New York fairy, to crash-land almost at the feet of an arrogant French Fairy. His sinful looks and come-hither lure make her wings flutter, but he's destined to marry another to ensure his family vineyard is fruitful. Ripple decides to take a New York stand to get her man. (Ellora's Cave, May, 326 pp., $15.99)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith