Image of Wicked Wonderland (Signet Eclipse)


Image of Wicked Wonderland (Signet Eclipse)

Wicked Wonderland is an enjoyable holiday anthology. Each of the three stories shares a similar tone and storytelling style. Readers won’t find gripping page-turners they can’t put down or incredibly original plots. However, they will find entertaining and lighthearted romantic stories. For readers looking for light, sensual reading with a holiday theme, Wicked Wonderland gets the job done.

In “Hot Whisper” by McLane, Claire misses her train when she’s entranced by the hand-carved Santa figurines at the station gift shop. She’s stranded hundreds of miles from home during the Christmas holiday. Then none other than the artist of the Santa figurines, Jesse Marshall, offers to give her shelter until she can get safely home. Before they’re even to his truck, sparks are flying. Rachel has a past that she’s trying to escape in Carr’s “Hot for the Holidays.” However, one hot moment in her cubicle with Justin O’Rourke during the office Christmas party sends her newly straightlaced life up in smoke. Rachel decides she must leave town or risk ruining her reputation and her new life, but Justin has other plans. Hallie Prentiss has been fired from the job she was devoted to. At loose ends, she takes a job running an Alaskan bed and breakfast over the holidays to help out a friend. She never expected to be greeted by the sexy Daniel Reynolds. Hallie and Daniel spend a sizzling couple of weeks together and Hallie learns that life sometimes has bigger plans for you, especially during Christmas in “Hot Arctic Nights” by Maynard. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Nov., 320 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton