Image of Wicked in Your Arms: Forgotten Princesses


Image of Wicked in Your Arms: Forgotten Princesses

Jordan’s endearing, memorable characters, as well as the sprightly, humorous dialogue, lift her latest sexy tale out of the ordinary. With the undeniable mark of a master storyteller the author delivers a funny yet poignant near-caper of a love story that’s unforgettable.

As the surviving heir to the throne, Prince Sevastian of Maldania travels to England to find a suitable princess. He meets a completely unsuitable hoyden. Grier Hadley is outspoken, illegitimate, intelligent and not afraid of him. Grier wants nothing to do with an arrogant prince who she overheard maligning her character. But somehow they keep bumping into one another; hiding in empty rooms, climbing over balconies and all kinds of unsuitable places. They might be all wrong for one another, but the sexual tension simmering between them boils over and nights of passion ensue. When jealousy rears its head Sev realizes social position means little when love is at risk. Will Grier agree? (AVON, Aug., 380 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin