Image of The Widow


Image of The Widow

Connor Maguire was all set to write an exposi on the greatest living artist, Aristide Pompasse. But while breaking into the mans apartment in search of his diaries, he finds the artistdead.

Charlotte Thomas isnt sure how she feels after hearing about her ex-husbands death. Forty-three years her senior, the man had also been a father figure and protector. He was known for having young mistresses and a sometimes volatile nature, and their short-lived marriage had been over for five years. She finds out, however, that they were never truly divorced, and as his widow she is heir to his estateand his debts.

But moving forward might not be easy with Connor working so hard to dig up the past. As much as he is shaking up her world she cant deny that he might be the only person who can help her discover the truth behind Aristides murder.

The very talented Ms. Stuart once again gives readers a truly rich story. Her characters are beautifully developed and very real, placed in a tale that cant be put down. (Aug., 378 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson