Wealthy Guinevere Mallory is four times a widow, but the question arises, did she murder her husbands?

Hugh of Beauclaire is intent on laying claim to part of her estate for his son, while he investigates charges of murder and witchcraft against her. Hugh is sent to inquire about the deaths of her husbands and to escort her to London for a hearing.

This beautiful, intelligent young woman is a match for Hugh as the sparks fly in their battle of wills and wits. Though a soldier and a fair man, Hugh perjures himself and offers marriage to save Guinevere from the charges even though there is a seed of doubt in his mind about her innocence.

Despite the passion in their marriage, the seed grows when attempts are made on Hugh and his sons lives and he turns from the woman he has come to love. Will the truth come to late for them?

Ms. Feather combines the imagery and intrigue of Henry IIIs court as she sweeps the reader into a sensual, masterful love story. The incomparable Ms. Feather once again brightens the season. SPICY (Jan., 400 pp., $16.95)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond