Image of The Widow's War


Image of The Widow's War

With crisp, clean prose, Mackey shows that while much of the South considered breaking with the Union over states' rights, in the Kansas Territory it was all about slavery. Readers become a part of Mackey's three-dimensional characters' lives as they're drawn into the conflict and history.

With her abolitionist fiance, Dr. William Saylor, presumed dead, Carrie Vinton is left alone and pregnant in Rio de Janeiro. Then William's stepbrother, Deacon Presgrove, arrives with a marriage proposal. Concerned for her child, Carrie accepts and returns to Kansas with him. That's when she realizes she's been fooled by the pro-slavery family and that William is alive.

Thinking nothing of her reputation or her safety, Carrie sets out to find William and is reunited with her beloved just as battle breaks out as to how Kansas will enter the union -- free or slave-holding state. William and her child are kidnapped by a band of proslavers, and Carrie strives to locate them with the aid of the newly formed African-American cavalry. This courageous woman will do whatever it takes to save those she loves. (Berkley, Sep., 380 pp., $15.00)
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Kathe Robin