Image of Wife 22: A Novel


Image of Wife 22: A Novel

Gideon’s must-read debut will make you smile and laugh. Everything is witty and original, especially the dialogue and the chapter layout, some of which consist solely of Alice’s answers to an online study. Smart and hilarious, this is definitely not a novel to miss out on!

At 44, Alice Buckle lives a satisfying-enough life. Working part-time as a drama teacher at an elementary school, she spends the rest of her time managing her household of two children and a husband, and using the Internet. When Alice receives an invitation to participate in an anonymous online study pertaining to marriage (under the tag Wife 22), she becomes increasingly addicted to answering the questions and getting to know her caseworker, Researcher 101. It’s not long before Alice begins to consider how far she will go to maintain her happiness — and her marriage. (BALLANTINE, Jun., 400 pp., $26.00)

Reviewed by: 
Sarah Eisenbraun