Darcy Langton is stunned and angry after finding herself a Wife Against Her Will (4) after being told that she must marry Joel Castille as part of her father's business merger. Her first meeting with the charismatic Joel occurred at the lowest point in her life, making him the last man on Earth she wants to wed. Unfortunately, marry him she must, and, before long, she finds herself falling into bed and in love with her sexy and romantic husband. When Darcy accidentally discovers a shocking secret, Joel must convince her that his feelings for her were never about business or risk losing her forever. Sara Craven does an excellent job of allowing the reader to feel the chemistry between Darcy and Joel. The island setting where some of the action takes place is romantic and provides the perfect backdrop for the couple's real feelings to emerge. Their love story will charm readers who believe in happy endings.
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Schneider