Image of The Wife He Always Wanted (A School For Brides Romance)


Image of The Wife He Always Wanted (A School For Brides Romance)

Following the formula for her School for Brides books, Smith adds another installment to the charming, pleasant series. Perhaps not as original as the others — and a bit predictable — The Wife He Always Wanted’s likable characters, charming rags-to-riches storyline and mystery will still provide readers with satisfaction.

Haunted by her father’s decade-old murder and her adven- turer brother’s death, Sarah Palmer lives in poverty. Then a disheveled stranger arrives, claiming it was her brother’s dying wish that they wed. Seeing no other choice, Sarah agrees to a hasty wedding. Gabriel Harrington is not completely honest with Sarah. He is from one of England’s wealthiest families, and he knows that placing Sarah among the ton is unfair. Sarah is overwhelmed by her new life, but with her mother-in-law’s help and Gabriel’s friend’s advice she begins to navigate society. After a few lessons from the members of the School for Brides, Sarah is ready to act the seductress and win Gabriel’s heart. However, she is also determined to find her father’s killer. Uncovering the truth behind his and her brother’s deaths opens doors to danger. Only Gabriel’s love stands in the way of her demise. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Sep., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin