Image of The Wife Trap: A Novel


Image of The Wife Trap: A Novel

Banished to Ireland because of her scandalous behavior, Jeannette Brantford takes her anger out on Darragh O'Brien when he pushes her carriage out of the mud. Jeannette is charmed by him, but he's a common architect, which makes him off limits -- or does it?

Darragh is highly attracted to her and determined to uncover the woman beneath the self-centered girl's exterior. He just never thought they'd be compromised into marriage. Jeannette, meanwhile, has no idea that she's falling in love with a nobleman, and Darragh wants to keep it that way. He intends to teach her much-needed lessons in humility and love before she discovers the truth. Yet, insecurities, an old suitor and pride might drive them apart.

The second in Warren's Trap series is a delightful and emotional romance brimming with heated sexual tension and finely tuned plotting. Warren's talents lie in crafting a potent love story peopled by remarkable, memorable characters. She has a bright future ahead. SENSUAL (Jun., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin