WILD is the marvelous spin-off from Ms. Barnetts medieval Wonderful, and will captivate readers with its enchanting romance and joyous story.

Sir Roger Fitzalan is to build a castle in Wales, ensuring English sovereignty over the Welsh in Brecon Beacon. Roger finds the perfect location for his fortress: a plateau where a stone ring now stands. Roger feels all is well, until someone tries to hang him and he is saved by a mysterious young woman.

Teleri lives in the woods. Ostracized by the villagers who think she is a witch, Teleri nurses wounded animals, so when she finds Roger near death, unable to speak, she cares for him.

Roger is fascinated by Teleri. Her gentleness, goodness and the magical way she relates to the creatures of the woods combine to hold him spellbound. He would gladly stay in her world but he has his mission and the need to discover who tried to kill him.

Roger learns much about the meaning of life during the sweet idyll he spends in Teleris realm, an idyll that comes to an end when Roger returns home, bringing Teleri as his handfasted bride. New conflicts arise as Roger intends to build his castle on the site that holds the key to Teleris parentage.

WILD is a story that sweeps you away with the magic of love that grows in a tale of pure romance. Filled with the wonder and real enchantment of love, WILD is a very rare and special novel. Jill Barnett knows how to touch readers hearts with joy showered with laughter and sprinkled with poignancy. Perhaps her most radiant book to date, WILD is as unique and delightful as anything youll read this season. SENSUAL (Nov., 340 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin