After watching his three brothers succumb happily to the Winston curse, sexy Zane Winston is positive that he wont fall into any womans snare. But when Tamara Tremayne walks into his computer store, whispering that she wants him, Zanes hormones are on full alert.

A natural blond, Tamara Tremayne is the changeling in her exotic gypsy family. To fit the part, she dons a black wig and wears exotic make-up to fit the image her clients expect. Somewhat shy, Tamara uses an erotic journal as a guide to help her entice Zane into having an affair. Time is of the essence because a series of accidents are forcing Tamara to sell both her home and business. She suspects that someone is trying to drive her out, but who and why?

Startled to see Tamara sans costume, Zane and her attraction is red hot. His lust turns to concern though when Zane learns about the series of mysterious accidents befalling her. Having just discovered this deeply seductive woman, Zane is not about to let anything happen to her.

The mighty have fallen once again in this sizzling finale to the saga of the sinfully attractive Winston brothers. When it comes to delivering sexy and sensual romance, author Lori Foster is in a class by herself. (Jan., 304 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith