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Lady Apryll looks like a vision of loveliness when she arrives at Lord Devlynn's castle for a feast. The Lord himself is captivated by her beauty. But in the morning she is gone and so is his young son, kidnapped as part of her brother's plans to destroy Devlynn.

Frantic with worry, Devlynn races after the fugitives, but find only Apryll, who has been left behind. She was very angry at her brother for lying to her about the full extent of his schemes, so he punishes her by leaving her to face Devlynn.

Though he wants to kill her, Devlynn cannot. But he does not truly believe Apryll's protestations that she is innocent either. Now, she is his captive and he will use her to reclaim his son.

The longer Apryll stays with Devlynn the harder it is for either of them to deny their mutual attraction. Dare he trust the treasonous temptress, and can she find a way to prove to Devlynn that she is merely a pawn in a deadly game?

The unusual plot with its many twists will intrigue readers and keep them glued to the pages of this fast-paced, sensual tale. Lisa Jackson not only captures the atmosphere of the 13th century but delves into her characters' motivations, thus creating realistic people and a believable conflict. Medieval readers rejoice-this one's a gem. SENSUAL (Feb., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin