Image of Wild Angel (Signet Eclipse)


Image of Wild Angel (Signet Eclipse)

Lord's hallmark style of blending magic into tales with deliciously flawed heroes and spirited heroines makes her a beloved storyteller. Her enchanting voice hooks you to the point that you don't want her stories to end.

Riddled with guilt, former Crusader Mangan, the heir to the Earl of Kirkcaldy, seeks redemption by becoming a monk. But before he takes his final vows, he must locate a relic. He's searched many churches to no avail when he comes upon a murder scene.

Ashleigh saw her parents killed in cold blood by a nobleman's warriors. She curses those responsible, using her Gypsy training and sleight-of-hand to mentally torture those she thinks are hiding the truth. Mangan vows to help her find justice and lets her accompany him to the laird's keep.

Their attraction grows as the hunt for the relic reaches a climax and they face grave danger from the laird and his warriors. It's up to Mangan and Ashleigh to expose the laird's scheme to join with the British to overthrow the Scot king. (Signet Eclipse, Jan., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin