Image of Wild Cards


Image of Wild Cards

Elkeles scores a touchdown with her series starter. Told in alternating points of view, undeniably the strongest character is Derek, a snarky, bad-boy hero who earns his place in the 2013 hall of best fictional boyfriends. Witty banter, unconventional characters, a heart-melting romance and a charming ending make Wild Cards a winner.

Kicked out of boarding school over a prank, bad boy Derek Fitzpatrick reluctantly moves to Chicago with his stepmother and her young son. He meets his stepmother’s cute younger sister, Ashtyn Parker, who is captain of her high school’s football team. Ashtyn has her own set of problems; not only has her boyfriend accepted a spot on a rival team, but she must contend with an irritatingly hot “stepnephew.” Sparks fly, but with Ashtyn eyeing a football scholarship and Derek not planning a long-term stay, will the clock run out on these two wild cards before they make a game-winning play? (WALKER, Oct., 352 pp., $17.99, ISBN: 9780802734372, HC, 16 & Up)
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Susannah Balch