Caitlin Perry has suffered at the hands of men all her life,but she has finally created her own paradise. Then a group of men hunt down a murderous mountain lion. Vowing to keep her special wards safe in their natural habitat, she sets traps for the hunters.

What she catches is Ethan Sawyer, a bitter man who leads a solitary life. He soon discovers that the legend of Wild Cat Cait is all too realand so are the ferocious pets she keeps.

Bound by a past that will not free him, Ethan bargains with Caitlins own freedom to get back what was once his. When shes wounded, he is forced to see things differently.

Trapped between the avenging townspeople and the fury of the cat, Caitlin and Ethan must resort to the ultimate weaponstheir hearts. Ms. Morgans unusual story plucks us out of the everyday read and drops us into a setting and characters so vibrant you can feel them prowling about. Funny and deeply touching, WILD CAT CAIT pricks a vein of compassion usually forgotten. SENSUAL (Sep., 370 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black