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When Kyle, Lord Maxwell, future Earl of Wrexham, sends his twin brother, Dominic Renbourne, to meet his future fianc?e, he sets an interesting situation in motion.

A rivalry between the twin brothers and the opportunity to win a coveted estate drive Dominic to accept Kyle?s outrageous proposal that he masquerade as Kyle and woo the Lady Meriel Grahame.

Possessed of an ethereal beauty, Meriel has been locked in a silent world since her parents died in a fire in India. She tends the gardens and animals, caring little for people. Dominic is entranced by her fragile soul and she senses a kindred spirit in him. When her sanity and her life are in danger, Dominic marries Meriel to protect her.

As she regains her speech and their love grows, all appears well. Kyle has been spending the last days of his beloved Constancia?s life with her. Her wisdom enables Kyle to reevaluate his relationship with Dominic. But with his return comes new dangers, as jealousy and Meriel?s past converge in an emotional, exciting climax.

With many deep emotions and a powerful story, Mary Jo Putney spins a tale worthy of her Fallen Angels series. The brothers? conflict and its resolution, and the secret of Meriel?s silence and ?madness,? are deeply moving and completely capture the reader. Ms. Putney delves far into the reaches of the heart to thrill her fans. SENSUAL (Jul., 352 pp., $6.99 —Hardcover published August 1999)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin