Taylor Chase James is a feared outlaw and killer, a half-breed awaiting hanging in a Cherokee prison when her uncles obtain her pardon. But she is being forced to leave her mother and the Nation to find a new life in St. Louis with her white father.

Filled with hostility and distrust, Taylor arrives at the James mansion during her cousins engagement party and is waylaid by Grey Talbot.

Intent upon saving Charles James from the shock of seeing Taylor (the daughter he claimed had died), Greg brings Taylor to his home and then devises a scheme to keep her safe by having her pose as his fiancie.

Learning to survive in a new world and coming to a fragile peace with Grey, Taylor discovers a family she never knew and a strength in herself that she had never needed before.

From its compelling and arresting beginning, WILD FLOWER captures your immediate attention and then holds you in its grip with complex characters who move through a labyrinth of betrayal and mystery. Once again Ms. Porter demonstrates her prowess as a teller of powerful, emotional and distinctive stories that have the ability to involve the reader in her characters lives. SENSUAL (Mar., 320 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin