Years of drought have decimated the Larson wheat ranch. Julia Larson struggles to help her ailing father, Amos, and to raise her sister's baby. When her father hires Wolf McCloud, Julia watches her sister Josette's reaction and decides Wolf had better go or there will be another baby for her to raise.

Wolf admires only one Larson sister, but feels Julia would never want him. Discarded by his mother at birth, Wolf was found and raised by trappers and his life has been a series of rejections because of his mixed heritage.

Wolf is determined to find the mother who left him to die, but Amos offers him a part of the ranch if he will stay on as Julia's foreman after Amos' death.

It isn't until Amos' will is read that Julia and Wolf realize they must marry or the ranch will be sold. Can a marriage between two people who want so much, but think they deserve so little, survive ?

Jane Bonander has created a strong leading man with a taste for sexual innuendo. Sparks fly, dialogue sizzles and the reader may be the one with the WILD HEART. SENSUAL (Oct., 344 pp., 5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Royce