This novella is a setup for the Justiss Alliance series to follow. After an introductory chapter explaining the team’s separation, each prospective member is given a back story complete with their decision-making process on joining the Alliance. It’s a definite enticement to read everyone’s story.

A SEAL team is commissioned to eliminate El Martillo, The Hammer, a leader of an anti-drug cartel, but one who is just as guilty of the same heinous crimes, but the mission slides downhill from the beginning. They are not sanctioned, so they must carry out the mission without backup or recognition. Apparently the team has been betrayed as nothing goes as planned. Upon their return to the States, they are referred to as the Rogue Six, even though they lost one of the team. Rick “Risk” Yarbrough needs the adrenaline rush. Julian Cuevas’s goal is to escape his crime family. Saxby Cole is not much for commitment but lays on the Southern charm. Knox Logan feels responsible for his little sister’s death. Rath Blackwood, most of all, wants revenge on whoever corrupted the operation. (LOVESWEPT, dl., $0.99)

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