In the first book of Millie Criswell's delightful Flowers of the West trilogy, Heather Martin arrives in San Francisco from her Kansas farm determined to become a newspaper illustrator. But when she is turned down because she is a woman, Heather finds employment as a governess to newspaper magnate Brandon Montgomery's two children.

This headstrong, intelligent young woman turns Brandon's house and his life upside down. She brings love and laughter to his children, a matchmaking gleam to his mother's eye, and opens Brandon's heart to love.

Engaged to a spoiled, selfish woman, Brandon finds himself captivated by Heather and married to her through a trick of fate. But this remarkable heroine's desire to fulfill her dream as an artist, Brandon's ruthless enemies and a newspaper competitor all threaten their newfound love.

Magical, down-home romance blossoms in Millie Criswell's scrumptious tale. WILD HEATHER is a charming, radiant romance that will capture your spirit and lift your heart. Millie Criswell makes it hard to wait for the stories of Heather's sisters, Rose and Laurel, to bloom. SENSUAL (July, 327 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin