By the early 1800s, two noble families, the Chathams and the Thornes, began to feud in earnest. Olivia Hewes, a Chatham, must cope
with her alcoholic mother and mentally handicapped brother, while resisting her attraction to Lord Randolph Sherbourne,
a Thorne. Randolph is committed to
ending the age-old feud, especially after meeting the charming Olivia. The two decide peace is worth any price, yet
when the truth about Randolph's
father's mysterious death is revealed, peace seems a hopeless dream. With a deft pen, Catherine Palmer deals with the heartache of feuds, doctrinal disputes and alcoholism. In WILD HEATHER (4.5), she delivers the quintessential love story with a fresh plot that contains plenty of twists and turns. (Mar., 376 pp., $10.99)

Reviewed by: 
Vickie McDonough